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Portable Solar Light Tower

The new PORTABLE SOLAR LIGHT sets the benchmark for portable solar lighting technology.

This portable lighting solution features a 100W solar light fitting, six metre hinged light pole and concrete base. With it’s unique design and powerful mono crystalline solar panel, it suits many applications.

The Portable Solar Light utilises a concrete base, meaning that this light is completely portable whilst also being extremely sturdy. Mobility isn’t an issue thanks to the intuitive construction and built-in options for lifting.

Deployment is a breeze thanks to the 6 metre galvanised hinged light pole, which includes a stainless steel guide rope allows for easy installation and removal.

  • Fully portable
  • Light fitting is a 100W all-in-one compact unit
  • Mono-crystalline solar panel
  • Built in lithium-ion battery storage
  • Strong construction
  • Built-in galvanised fork ports in base
  • Heavy duty lifting lugs
  • Strengthened with reo-bars running throughout base
  • Galvanised finished 6m pole
  • Unique base with hinge design
  • No diesel required!
Power Consumption 100W
Beam Angle 150° x 70°
Luminous Flux 14,000 Lm (TYP)
Colour Temperature 2700 - 6500K
Time to fully charge 8 hours
Battery Lithium life PO4
LED Quantity 72
Power of PV Module (W) 36V 120W
LIFEPO4 Battery Capacity (Ah) 25.6V 30Ah
Dimension of light fitting (mm) 1608 x 405 x 112


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