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RoadQuake® 2F

Alert drivers across workzones of any speed

RoadQuake® 2F is a temporary, portable rumble strip designed to awaken drivers and alert them as they approach your worksite and reduce speed while passing through.

If you have a workzone where you cannot control the speed and make it safe for your workers, then RoadQuake® 2F will provide results by awakening drivers and slowing them down in your work zone. For the latest in affordable daily speed enforcement, call us today.

  • Physically alerts drivers to changing road conditions
  • Positively enforces speed control in your work site
  • Daily installation across road zones at any speed (40km/h, 60km/h, 80km/h)
  • Tested up to 120km/h
  • Withstands temperatures from 0-80 degrees celsius
  • No glue or nails required for installation
  • Minimal movement
  • Fully portable
  • Assembled and installed in minutes
  • 3-5 year life expectancy
  • Suitable for inclement weather, day or night shift
  • Will deliver speed reduction in your site
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Overall Weight 50kg
Width 330mm
Height 19mm


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