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RoadQuake® 2F Crib

Unique RoadQuake Carrier System

The RoadQuake® 2F Crib makes daily deployment of your RoadQuake Temporary Portable Rumble Strips so simple and easy to deploy and retrieve each day, it will simply become part of your projects safety and traffic implementation plan for every day you and your workers are working in close proximity to live traffic.

Road Safety Rental offer a unique RoadQuake Carrier System, the Crib.  The Crib option can be fitted to any pintle tow hitch and we recommend only 3 strips of RoadQuake be included with smaller utility vehicles and for larger 4WD type vehicles or smaller trucks, we would supply with 6 x RoadQuake rumble strips.

This fully integrated cargo carrier has been designed specifically for the safe transport, deployment, removal and storage of RoadQuake.  This can be utilised in combination with the T Handle for safe lifting and re-stacking.

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