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The ABSORBS 350 END TERMINAL is an impact attenuator ideally suited for narrow areas in work zones where road and workspace is limited.

Approved by

ABSORBS 350 is designed to shield the end of temporary barrier systems such as our Ironman Hybrid Barrier and our T-Lok (PCB) Barrier.

This end terminal has an Austroads Safety Barrier Acceptance Panel (ASBAP) approval to 70km/h.

Absorbs are considered to be gating and non-redirective so site specific risk assessments are usually advised and length of need and barrier overrun becomes critical in your calculations.

The units are freestanding and very quickly deployed and installed.

There are many advantages to the system including:
  • Easily replaced after impact
  • Easy to remove and relocate or shift barriers for multi staged projects
  • Durable
  • Fast deployment and retrieval
  • No anchoring required
  • Maintenance free
  • Water filled
  • No machine required to install
TL-3 Length 6.88m (including transition)
Width 610mm
Height 813mm
Succesfully Tested To 80km/h
ASBAP Approved To 70km/h
Material UV Stabilized Polyethylene
Fill Water
After Impact Easily Replaced
Tested To NCHRP350 TL-3
Durable Yes
Fast and Easy Deployment and Retrieval Yes
No Foundation Anchoring Yes
Minimum Installation Exposure Time Yes
Redirective No
Reusable Nose and transition can be reused after most impacts
USA Designed/Manufactured Yes

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