End Treatments

QuadGuard M10 CZ

Superior end treatment

The QuadGuard M10 CZ is the superior end treatment, made from durable galvanized steel the systems are designed to telescopically deform rearward to absorb the energy of impact in the case of head on collisions.

When impacted from the side, the modular design system of the QuadGuard End Terminal option safely re-directs errant vehicles. As such, these systems offer superior protection and safety for worksites, plus are considered non-gating and fully re-directive.

This end terminal has an Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Panel (ASBAP) approval to 100km/h.

Our fleet consists of several 100km/h units where utmost protection and safety is required and for any high speed applications.

The system benefits include:

  • Non-gating and fully re-directive behind nose cone
  • 80% reusability after most impacts
  • Successfully tested to MASH TL-3
  • Durable
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy to reinstate and repair (after most impacts)
  • Also available in 80km/h/"4-bay" configuration
  • USA designed and manufactured
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Product approvals



TL-3 Length 6740mm (excl transitions)
Width System: 610mm Plate: 1050mm
Height 817mm
Successfully Tested To 100km/h
ASBAP Approved To 100km/h
Material Galvanised Steel
Fill Energy Absorbing Cartridges
After Impact Easily Repaired & Reinstated
Tested To MASH TL-3
Durable Yes
Redirective Yes
Reusable 80% Reusable after most impacts
USA Designed/Manufactured Yes
Safe Redirection Yes
Fast Deployment/Retrieval No
Anchoring Required Yes
Economical to Transport Yes
Maintenance Free Yes
Durable Yes



Quadguard End Terminal Rental Melbourne

Fowlers Asphalting - Phillip Island Rd/Back Beach Road

Recently the Road Safety Rental team deployed a 600m run of Ironman Hybrid with QuadGuard CZ end treatments on Phillip Island Road / Back Beach Road.

CN#9963 was awarded to Fowlers Asphalting and the works include significant road widening and the construction of a roundabout to increase traffic flow and road safety at a very busy intersection on the Island.

Fowlers Asphalting needed to ensure maximum safety and chose Ironman Hybrid due to this temporary crash barrier being ASBAP approved to 100km/h, along with anchored end treatments for increased safety for the roadworks crew. The crash barriers were installed in a single shift, allowing the contractor to immediately commence works the following day.


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