Event Security

In Australia where events, large crowds and big venues are all part of our social and cultural calendars, event managers are investing significantly in pedestrian movement, security and safety. Road Safety Rental offers solutions to these problems with an event security range including OmniStop Portable, concrete barriers, pedestrian barriers, and more.

Portable Solutions Providing Maximum Protection at Events

Event Security

We also supply crowd vehicle security barriers that are specific for events, allowing managers to better control pedestrian movement and safety. Use with any type of event, from parades and markets to festivals and major shows.

In these scenarios, your barriers cannot be permanent but you want to be certain that they will still be able to offer maximum protection for your staff and attendees. These crowd protection systems for rent may be temporary, but rest assured that they’ll stop an errant vehicle in its tracks.

rental T-lok Barrier

We also offer a selection of temporary lighting solutions, ensuring that the site can be adequately illuminated so that the festivities can continue into the night and that everyone is kept safe whilst doing so.

Get in touch with our helpful team for more information on the various pedestrian barriers for hire and lighting solutions we have on offer. Not sure what you need? Our experts can talk through your event plan and offer advice and suggestions.