End Treatments & Crash Cushions

At Road Safety Rental we offer the perfect combination of end treatment options, ranging from unanchored and non-redirectional to non-gating and fully re-directional crash cushions. Our fleet is comprised of Absorb 350 end treatments, the QuadGuard CZ (which can be used across all our barriers), and SLED which has successfully been tested to be used on our HV2 Barrier.

Choosing the Right End Treatments for Temporary Barriers

Mash End Terminal

Did you know that temporary barriers require an end treatment? Road Safety Rental offer crash cushions for hire that are designed to help an oncoming vehicle avoid a head on collision with the end of the solid barrier, which could make an accident far more dangerous.

We have a variety of options to choose from, including:

  • Unanchored - which move with the force of the collision,
  • Non-redirectional - which don’t try to divert a colliding vehicle,
  • Non-gating - which don’t envelope the vehicle, and
  • Fully re-directional - which divert a colliding vehicle to a safer location.
Road Safety Products

Please get in touch with our helpful team to ensure that you have selected the right crash cushions for rent to suit your crash barrier system as well as the needs of your particular application. We are more than happy to provide advice and suggestions.