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Road Safety Rental offers modern VMS boards
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The Work Zone Specialists

Road Safety Rental is dedicated to bringing you innovative products to improve road work safety. The Road Safety Rental team offers products ranging from barriers, which provide physical protection for construction works and motorists, to passive safety devices such as variable message sign and various lighting products.

We have a passion for road safety and reducing Australia’s road toll, along with many years of experience in the road safety sector. Give us a call today to speak with one of our road work solution managers to find out how we can help your project run smoothly.

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We bring to you products from around the globe in order to reduce speeds in work zones and make Victoria and New South Wales work zones safer for all users. Our range of road safety solutions includes lighting, safety bollards and barriers, speed cushions and variable message boards – all extensively tested to ensure you get the very best in road safety products.

What They’re Saying About Road Safety Rental

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“The Road Safety Rental team did a fantastic job installing 400 meters of Hybrid Barrier on our Burwood Hwy Project during night works despite a very tight window, great standard of safety and quality.”

Ruan Dippenaar

Project Engineer - Fulton Hogan

Fulton Hogan
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"Council engages Road Safety Rental to provide Variable Message Sign services for community, traffic and events messaging across Bass Coast Shire.

Their signs are new and technically advanced, the support is always timely and effective and the overall service is very cost effective."

Frank Angarane

Coordinator Events - Bass Coast Shire

Bass Coast
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“Working with Road Safety Rental has
been a pleasure.

Well organised and a smooth
operation, looking forward to the next project
with these guys.”

Ashley White

Project Manager - Appia Group

Appia Group
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“I highly recommend Road Safety Rental for all VMS board hiring requirements – our project had hired a significant amount of VMS boards, as we were undertaking a 6-month construction occupation with major road closures and multiple detours in place.
The conditions of all traffic equipment were of the highest quality, and staff were extremely professional and responsive in meeting all our necessities. The online web application was also user friendly and very simple to use, in case we needed to take control of any specific VMS board ourselves.”

Johan Lau

Project Engineer - Seymour White

Appia Group

When road safety barrier rental makes more sense

Sometimes, renting road safety devices is more efficient compared with purchasing.
Here are some examples of applications that tend to be more suited to temporary solutions, rather than buying permanent equipment.


Ensuring that workers, as well as other road users, are safe during temporary road works is paramount. As road traffic barriers need to be removed once works are complete, road barrier rental solutions are much more cost effective.


It is not uncommon for our streets to be used as a part of large events, such as parades and festivals. In such situations, temporary road barrier rentals are necessary for blocking traffic from entering the event area and keeping eventgoers safe from harm.

Detours and diversions

Occasionally, roads and walkways can experience issues that make them temporarily unsafe or unusable. Road safety product rentals, VMS signs, crash tested barriers and lighting towers are used to alert people to the situation, often providing them with an alternative means of getting to their destination.

Road alterations

With new estates and buildings cropping up all the time, it is not uncommon for roads to be altered a handful of times to keep them functional before they reach their final form. Road project hire products can ensure that any changes can be made quickly without compromising on safety.

Night works

Our extensive range of road safety solutions also include lighting - portable solar lights and Work Zone lighting towers - to ensure road worker protection even when conditions are poor, such as at night or during inclement weather.

If you’re in the market for premium Work Zone products and road safety barriers for hire, you cannot go wrong with Road Safety Rental – get in touch with our expert team today to learn more about how we can keep your site safe.

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