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Nova VMS

VMS with removable trailer

The newest member of our fleet is the Nova VMS. Innovative and unique, this variable message sign has the option of removing the sign from the trailer.

Perfect for your next VMS hire, the two piece design, allows for quick and easy deployment in under 10 minutes. The unit detaches from the trailer, meaning multiple signs can be transported on a truck, reducing delivery costs. Once the sign is deployed on site, the fully concealed batteries mounted underneath the chassis help to prevent vandal damage.

All VMS are factory fitted with GPS and an array of anti-theft devices. The Nova VMS includes a live monitoring system that captures GPS location, power usage, solar intake, and reception level. We offer full message management capabilities, excellent backup support and after hours emergency care to all VMS customers.

We will deliver or you can collect from our yard by arrangement.

Designed and built in Australia, powered with solar energy and running on 12V electrics (no hydraulics), it’s a cleaner and more environmentally friendly solution for you next VMS hire.

  • C-Size VMS with unit that detaches from the trailer
  • Deployed in less than 10 minutes
  • Reduces the risk of vandalism
  • Requires minimal maintenance with no hydraulics!
  • Australian designed and built
  • Amber or five colour (blue, green, amber, red and white) options
  • 24/7 Australian support
  • Software allows pre-programming
  • Fully galvanised and powder coated
  • Stabiliser legs controlled by low speed drill or impact wrench
  • Electric mast system controlled by batteries/screw drive mechanism
  • 12V 200AH batteries are securely mounted and concealed underneath the chassis
  • 2 x 200W solar panels
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Model Amber or 5 Colour
Weight (Overall) 1150kg
Weight (Trailer Only) 250kg
Travelling Length 3850mm
Travelling Width 1800mm
Travelling Height 2860mm
Max Deployed Width 3000mm
Max Deployed Length 3000mm
Max Deployed Height 4120mm
No of 12V 200AH Batteries Amber - 2 / 5 Colour - 3
No of 200W Solar panels 2

Product Features & Inclusions

LED Display
48 x 28 Full Matrix LED Pixels
400mm Character Height
Galvanised Removable Trailer
Extendable Stabilising Outriggers
Automatic Brightness/Dimming
No Software To Install
Checker Plate Floor
Sealed Pelican Case on Trailer
Program Using Any Tablet/Smartphone
Scheduling Software Allows Pre Programming
Spare Wheel
Radar System for Speed Monitoring - Optional
Remotely Monitor Battery Levels, GPS Location, Power And Usage Settings


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