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Variable Message Sign - AMBER

Our fleets consists of Saferoads designed and built VMS units to suit any project demands, we offer full message management capabilities and excellent backup
support and after hours emergency care.

Our fleets consists of Saferoads designed and built VMS units, with an array of Amber boards to suit your project demands. We offer full message management capabilities, excellent backup support and after hours emergency care. All VMS units are full size units. We will deliver or you can collect from our yard by arrangement. All VMS are factory fitted with GPS and are also fitted with an array of anti-theft devices. Features a live monitoring system including GPS location, power usage, solar intake and mobile comms levels.

  • Made to the highest quality standards
  • Amber Display (400mm character height)
  • Heavy Duty
  • Fully galvanised and powder coated
  • Australian designed and built
  • Software allows pre-programming
  • 24/7 Australian support
  • 4 x 12V 200AH batteries with on board battery charger
  • 3 x 150W solar panels
  • 48 x 28 full matrix LED pixels
  • 360 degree rotatable display
  • Fully sealed tool boxes with gas struts
  • Checker plate floor
Weight 1180kg
Tare 1500kg Atm
Length Overall 3800mm
Width Overall 2000mm
Height Travelling 2800mm
Deployed Footprint Length 3700mm
Deployed Footprint Width 2740mm
Max Deployed Height 4200mm
Number of 12V 200AH Batteries 4
No. of 150W Solar Panels 3
LED Display Yes
48 x 28 Full Matrix LED Pixels Yes
400mm Character Height Yes
Galvanised/Powder Coated Trailer With Extendable Stabilising Outriggers Yes
On Board Battery Charger Yes
Automatic Brightness/Dimming Yes
No Software To Install Yes
Solar Panel Tilts And Rotates Yes
360 Degree Rotatable Display Yes
Checker Plate Floor Yes
Fully Sealed Tool Boxes With Gas Struts Yes
Remotely Monitor Battery Levels, GPS Location, Power Usage And Settings Yes
Scheduling Software Allows Pre Programming Yes
Recent Deployments

Phillip Island Nature Parks

Each year thousands of shearwater birds are born in parts of Phillip Island. During the weeks between April and early May, these young birds start learning to fly.

For several years, the Road Safety Rental team have formed an integral part of the overall traffic management strategies used to ensure that as few of these baby birds are killed by passing motorists as possible. The San Remo bridge lights are turned off for a few nights during the peak of the birds’ departure, as they are known to flock around these lights. We deploy Variable Message Signs to warn drivers that the bridge lights are off, and ensure motorists are driving at safe speeds to avoid the shearwaters.

Amazingly, the birds migrate on their maiden voyage to parts of the northern hemisphere. Our team are happy to help do our bit to facilitate additional safety to the native fauna at Phillip Island.

Read more on the amazing shearwater birds here

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