Concrete Temporary Barriers


MASH TL-3 compliant end treatment

The Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipater (SLED) end terminal is a narrow, non re-directive gating crash cushion.

SLED is compatible with the HV2 Barrier and concrete temporary barriers such as T-Lok.

The unique design of the SLED crash barrier incorporates four internal steel cables, which help envelop the impacting vehicle - reducing the possibility of secondary accidents.

Succesfully approved by the Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Panel (ASBAP) to 80km/h, this MASH crash tested end terminal is available for hire.

There are many advantages of hiring from us including:

  • Successfully tested to MASH TL-3
  • Fast deployment and retrieval
  • No anchoring required
  • Water filled
  • Non re-directive
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Product approvals



TL-3 Length 7.7m (7.92m including transitions)
Width 685mm
Height 1084mm
Succesfully Tested To 100km/h
ASBAP Approval To 80km/h
Material UV Stabilized Polyethylene
Fill Water
After Impact Easily Replaced
Tested To MASH TL-3
Durable Yes
Fast and Easy Deployment and Retrieval Yes
No Foundation Anchoring Yes
Minimum Installation Exposure Time Yes
Redirective No
Reusable Nose and transition can be reused after most impacts
USA Designed/Manufactured Yes
Plastic Safety Barrier Hire



Sled Crash Barrier

Fortunato Group - Melton Hwy, Melton

A new project has begun in Melton at the High Street roundabout on Melton Hwy where a complex duplication is being undertaken by Fortunato Group. Road Safety Rental’s expertise was sought for this project. Due to a substantial heavy vehicle count in the area and the close proximity of works in certain areas, T-Lok concrete barriers and SLED end terminals were chosen.  The deployment was undertaken during night shift due to the immense amount of traffic through the intersection during the day.


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