Rental Mash Tested Crash Barrier

T-Lok Barrier

MASH TL-3 concrete longitudinal barrier

The T-LOK BARRIER is a free standing, temporary longitudinal barrier system successfully crash tested to MASH TL-3.

This precast concrete F-type barrier has an Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Panel (ASBAP) approval to 100km/h.

This concrete temporary barrier hire offers the lowest deflection result of any approved freestanding barrier system.

Anti-gawk / debris screens can be fitted to concrete barriers for hire, providing additional protection for workers and motorists.

Our fleet is new and in excellent condition.

We offer a turn-key T-Lok concrete barrier rental solution and all deployments will be solely managed and certified by the Road Safety Rental team.

The advantages of T-Lok barrier rental are endless:

  • Freestanding barrier
  • Low deflection
  • Safe redirection
  • Fast deployment and retrieval
  • No anchoring required
  • Maintenance free
  • MASH tested crash barrier for rent
  • Multiple end treatments can be used
  • Sight / debris screen options bolt on
  • Available in 3.6m with engineered angle pieces to accommodate tight radius projects
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Effective Length 3.6m
Height 810mm
Width 610mm
Weight 2600kg
Weight Per Metre 722kg
Successfully Tested To MASH TL-3
ASBAP Approval To MASH 1000km/h TL-3
MASH TL-3 Deflection 1.27m (100km/h, 2270kg)
Amount Transportable Per Semi Truck 9
Multiple End Treatments Can Be Used Yes (QuadGuard CZ / SLED)
Sight/Debris Screen Options Bolt On Yes
Lightweight No
High Containment No
Safe Redirection Yes
Fast Deployment/Retrieval Yes
No Anchoring Required Yes
Economical To Transport No
Maintenance Free Yes
Durable No
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RE Civil – Great Ocean Road, Victoria

RE Civil – Great Ocean Road, Victoria

The Great Ocean Road is one of Victoria’s principal tourist routes, spanning some 240km of National and State Heritage listed road. The effects of age, and coastal environment have caused assets such as the roads, barriers, bridges and drainage to deteriorate.

Road Safety Rental were proud to be working with RE Civil on these important infrastructure upgrades at Lower Gellibrand on the Great Ocean Road. The T-Lok barrier with anti-gawk screens, along with ABSORB 350 end treatments that were deployed for this project, will safely allow our client to undertake vital and important road and bridge upgrade works.


T-lok Barrier

T-Lok Deployment – Princes Hwy, Flynn

Road Safety Rental have completed their largest, and most successful, single barrier deployment on the Princes Highway East Upgrade in Flynn, Victoria. This deployment saw the installation of over 4000m of T-Lok Barriers, including anti-gawk screens and 11 QuadGuard CZ end treatments.

Works started late in July 2021 and were completed in early August, making this the longest and most successful installation completed by the Road Safety Rental Team, and the fantastic subcontracting teams at Willaton Transport, Gravity and Plunketts.

Once this upgrade is complete, it will dramatically improve safety and efficiency for road users along this popular and busy part of Gippsland.


T-lok Barrier

CBEM Constructions - Windsor Rd, Norwest, Sydney

Road Safety Rentals NSW conducted their first night-time deployment with CBEM Constructions in June. The T-Lok temporary barrier was chosen for this project as it has the lowest deflection result of any approved freestanding barrier system. The T-Lok Barriers with Sled end treatments were installed to provide protection to workers and pedestrians during the construction phase of a new building and turning lane on busy Windsor Rd in Norwest, Sydney.

Even the delayed start didn’t hold them back with works being completed in record time. None of this could have been achieved without the help of the local team and great suppliers.


Mash Tested Barrier Hire Melbourne

Symon Bros – Monash Freeway, Officer

Recently, the Road Safety Rental Team undertook a significant installation of T-Lok Barriers on the Monash Freeway, Officer. The barriers will protect the Symon Bros construction team as they build two new freeway ramps at Officer South Road.

Once constructed there will be a new off-ramp outbound and a new on-ramp inbound, easing further congestion around Cardinia Road and the Old Princes Hwy. The works were entrusted to the Road Safety Rental team because of their knowledge and capability in high speed applications.


Concrete Temporary Barrier Hire

Negri – Saunders Road, Gisborne

The performance and versatility of the T-Lok concrete barrier proved to be a winner once again after a lengthy consultation period with the client. The Road Safety Rental team presented Negri Contractors with the superior performance and versatility of the T-Lok Barriers.

One of the main factors considered was the T-Lok temporary barrier’s ability to maintain a connected barrier system throughout some of the tight radius areas required of this project which was situated at product has proven it is once again to be a premium temporary concrete barrier.


Concrete Barrier For Road

Fortunato Group - Melton Hwy, Melton

A new project has begun in Melton at the High Street roundabout on Melton Hwy where a complex duplication is being undertaken by Fortunato Group. Road Safety Rental’s expertise was sought for this project.

Due to a substantial heavy vehicle count in the area and the close proximity of works in certain areas, T-Lok concrete barriers and SLED end terminals were chosen. The deployment was undertaken during night shift due to the immense amount of traffic through the intersection during the day.


Concrete Temporary Barrier Rent

MACA Infrastructure - Midland Hwy, Buninyong

During the latter half of 2020, Road Safety Rental were engaged by MACA Infrastructure for their expertise with low deflection barrier systems and turn-key installation service provision for a significant undertaking along the Midland Hwy. The project was situated approximately 15 kilometres south of Buninyong. This section of road had been overdue for a huge safety upgrade and the works incorporated major improvements to the road surface, as well as an increase in permanent safety barriers, turning and merging lanes, road widening, and passing/overtaking areas.

The Road Safety Rental team were very proud of the 1500 metre deployment and the precision for which the barriers needed to be deployed.


Concrete Block Hire

Negri – Yan Yean Road, Whittlesea

This project required the highest level of containment and lowest deflections right from the start. We were quick to steer the Negri project team towards the T-Lok barrier due it’s lowest deflection levels of any of the approved concrete barrier systems. Near on 300m was deployed and then switched as widening of the corridor was performed on both northern and southern bound lanes.

The project has been delivered in a timely manner with minimal interruptions to traffic and the client has been thoroughly impressed along the way.


Road Barricades

Fulton Hogan - Hoddle Street, Melbourne

Road Safety Rental were pleased to be awarded the subcontract to supply temporary barrier deployment and delivery for this amazing transformation of one of the busiest intersections in Australia. The works will see a myriad of upgrades and improvements where the end result will see a continuous flow intersection improving all traffic flow and commuting times in and around this incredibly busy precinct.

With the volume of traffic in the vicinity, the enormity of pedestrians, and extra patrons within Melbourne’s sporting hub, the intersection is undergoing an incredible upgrade. Road Safety Rental are delighted to be a part of this project and look forward to continuing to prioritise the stages of this incredibly complex project delivery.


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