VMS Boards for Hire

Variable Message Signs are widely used to communicate vital messages to motorists on most road projects.
Our fleet includes new product with an incredibly reliable and robust platform to ensure your communication is handled professionally and seamlessly.

Road Safety Rental
offers 24/7 Support for VMS


Communicate Promotion or Traffic-Control Messages with VMS Signs

Vms Trailer For Sale

Whether you’re sharing a safety warning or advertising, our range of VMS, or electronic road signs range is sure to help you get the message across. When safety is at stake, you need to be confident that your warning will catch the eye of passers-by and give them plenty of time to react.

Variable message signs can be deployed in a variety of locations, from freeways to carparks. They have been constructed to withstand the harsh Australian elements.

Mounted onto durable trailers, sign boards can be easily transported between locations – all you need is a tow vehicle. They’re also fitted with a GPS tracking system, so that you can see exactly where each of your electronic VMS boards has been placed all over Australia.

Electronic Board Sign
  • Variable Message Boards Rental for Road Works

    Let commuters know to slow down, that traffic conditions have changed, that they may experience some delays or even that the road ahead is closed. VMS trailer rental is perfect for roadworks and is a vital component in keeping your site safe.

  • Traffic Control Equipment Rental for Events

    Provide attendees with directions, updates and other important information. VMS sign rental is suitable for events of all sizes.

    Available in standard amber or 5 colour, there’s no way that your message will be missed with variable message sign rental. All you need to do is park and forget – let the electronic traffic equipment rental solutions do the rest.