Variable Message Signs (VMS) Boards for Hire

Variable Message Signs (VMS) are widely used to communicate vital messages to motorists on most road projects.

Our cutting-edge fleet comprises robust, reliable VMS boards, ensuring your messages are delivered seamlessly and professionally.

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At Road Safety Rental, traffic safety is our priority. We offer comprehensive VMS board hire services designed to keep Australian drivers informed. Whether you need to direct traffic, share vital information or promote an event, VMS Hire ensures message visibility and clarity. With our affordable VMS sign hire, you can access high-quality, easy-to-operate signs for any occasion. Our versatile VMS trailer hire allows you to place your messages where they're most needed while maintaining traffic safety standards. Use our trusted electronic road sign hire service whenever you need effective communication on busy highways and local streets. Speak to the Road Safety Rental team for all your variable message sign board rental needs today!

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VMS Signs Help Communicate Promotions & Traffic-Control Messages

Promote events or control traffic with our VMS sign hire services. Whether it's safety warnings or advertisements, our electronic road sign hire ensures your message stands out, providing motorists ample time to react.

Variable message signs can be deployed in a variety of locations, from bustling freeways to private car parks. Built to withstand Australia's harsh weather conditions, our VMS trailers offer durable, mobile signage solutions. Equipped with a GPS tracking system, you can manage and monitor the locations of a fleet of electronic VMS boards effortlessly across Australia.

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Variable Message Boards Rental for Road Works

Utilise Road Safety Rental VMS trailers for roadwork warnings, alerting commuters about changing traffic conditions or closures and to keep your site and roadside workers safe.

Traffic Control Equipment Rental for Events

Planning a big event? If you need to provide attendees with directions, updates and other important information, VMS sign rental is an affordable communication solution for events of all sizes.

Available in standard amber or five-colour display, your message is sure to catch the eye. Simply park and let our electronic road signs do the rest. For tailored electronic traffic equipment rental solutions, experience the Road Safety Rental difference today!

Variable Message Signs (VMS), also known as electronic signs or digital signs, are road signs capable of displaying changeable messages. These signs are typically used to communicate dynamic information to drivers on roads, highways, or at special events.

The information displayed on VMS can be modified remotely, often in real-time, to reflect current conditions or circumstances. Messages can include traffic and road condition warnings, such as accidents, roadwork, detours, or lane closures; speed limit changes; travel times to specific destinations; weather alerts; and special event messages.

Traffic management authorities or event organisers typically use VMS to improve road safety and traffic efficiency by providing motorists with timely and accurate information. In an event setting, they might be used to direct traffic flow or provide important event information.

Road Safety Rental VMS signs allow the display of information in various formats, including text, symbols, or a combination of both, and may also use different colours for different types of messages. The signs are designed to be highly visible, day or night, in all weather conditions.

The rules and regulations regarding using VMS sign trailers on public roads can vary between different states and territories in Australia.

In general, obtaining a permit or approval from the relevant local council or state transport authority is often necessary before you can display a VMS sign on a public road. The application process typically involves providing details about the intended location and content of the sign and demonstrating that the sign will be used to promote safety and comply with local laws and guidelines.

As regulations can change and vary by location, it's recommended to always check with your local council or transport authority for the most accurate information.

A. Road Safety Rental services major metropolitan areas across Victoria (VIC), New South Wales (NSW), and Queensland (QLD), including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, and Geelong, among others.

We cater to both short-term and long-term electronic sign hire needs, ensuring reliable, clear, and effective communication for road users.