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Ironman Hybrid Barrier

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Ironman Hybrid is the first ever Australian hybrid barrier, combining heavy duty steel components with concrete ballast to provide a barrier that delivers excellent performance with no anchoring. This temporary crash barrier is known as well for its performance and deflection, as it is for its usability and quick deployment. This barrier is perfectly suited to your next low-mid speed projects.

The Ironman Hybrid Barrier rental is one of our innovations and adaptations of our original form of this barrier. It offers excellent flexibility for 40 and 60km/h projects. This freestanding temporary longitudinal approved crash barrier hire system has been successfully crash tested to MASH TL-2.

This steel temporary barrier has an Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Panel (ASBAP) approval to 70km/h. Its lightweight and stackable design offers transport cost savings when compared to traditional concrete barriers. Our fleet consists of only Hybrid Ironman and we have successfully installed over 100km of product since our rental business commenced.

We offer a turn-key solution when it comes to temporary crash barriers for hire, and all deployments will be solely managed and certified by the Road Safety Rental team.

The key benefits of the Ironman Hybrid TL-2 crash barrier are:

  • ASBAP approval to 70km/h
  • Freestanding barrier
  • Safe redirection
  • Fast deployment and retrieval
  • No anchoring required
  • Maintenance free
  • Multiple end treatments can be used
  • Can deploy more of this than any other barrier with a 3-man crew
  • Durable
  • Economical to transport
  • Lightweight
  • Can be deployed with Steel Wedge (engineered angle pieces) to accommodate tight radius projects
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Radius Solution for Ironman Hybrid Barriers

Ironman Hybrid Barriers can be deployed with a Steel Wedge (engineered angle pieces) to accommodate continuous traffic barrier deployment on tight radius projects. The Steel Wedge piece is incorporated in-between individual Ironman Hybrid temporary barriers allowing placement at tighter radii, offering a significant advantage over traditional barrier deployments as the radius can be as tight as 10m.

  • ASBAP approval to 60km/h
  • Facilitates placement of Ironman Hybrid Barriers at tighter radii
  • Enables the Ironman Hybrid barrier to be deployed on a radius as tight as 10m
  • 5m design deflection where wedges are used
  • Improved efficiency during staged intersection deployment
  • Vast improvement on safety due to the continuous barrier placement without the need for crash cushions


Steel Crash Barrier for Hire


Effective Length 4.15m
Height 813mm
Width 546mm
Weight 925kg
Weight Per Metre 225kg
Succesfully Tested To MASH TL-2
ASBAP Approval To 70km/h
TL-2 Deflection 1.49m
Amount Transportable Per Semi Truck 24
Multiple End Treatments Can Be Used Yes
Sight/Debris Screen Options Bolt On Yes (subject to site assessment) 
Lightweight Yes
High Containment No
Safe Redirection Yes
Fast Deployment/Retrieval Yes
No Anchoring Required Yes
Economical To Transport Yes
Maintenance Free Yes
Durable Yes



Temporary Traffic Barriers

Lojac Civil Contractors – Skylark Rise Estate, Melton South

Road Safety Rental recently deployed Ironman Hybrid and SLED End Terminals for Lojac Civil Contractors, during the construction phase of a new premier land development in Melbourne’s West. Skylark Rise Estate offers a unique landscape, giving residents the opportunity to live amongst nature, incorporating an array of recreational parks, open spaces and facilities with extensive scenic frontage along Toolern Creek.

The Road Safety Rental teams were delighted to partner with Lojac Civil Contractors again, using the winning combination of Ironman Hybrid Barrier with SLED End Terminals to ensure site safety, protecting motorists and workers while construction is underway and remains a high priority.

Water Filled Crash Barriers

Ironman Hybrid Barrier – North West Victoria

The Ironman Hybrid Barriers with End Treatment recently deployed in Victoria’s North West region, successfully redirected a 60 tonne B triple truck possibly saving the life of the truck driver who had fallen asleep behind the wheel, and potentially other contractors and operators nearby. It’s a great example of how a work zone barrier can genuinely save lives.

The Ironman Hybrid Barrier offers excellent flexibility for 40, 60 and some 80km/h projects, and has an Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Panel (ASBAP) approval to 80km/h. This freestanding temporary longitudinal approved crash barrier system has been successfully crash tested to NCHRP 350 TL-3 and MASH TL2 70kph. It’s lightweight and stackable design offers transport cost savings when compared to traditional concrete barriers.


Ironman Hybrid Barrier Rental

Bitu-Mill Infrastructure - Midland Hwy (Stage 2), Buninyong

Bitu-Mill were awarded this contract in late 2020. The project incorporated a significant number of stages, which led to the decision to utilise Ironman Hybrid Barriers to ensure a high standard of workzone protection throughout these works. The project has run smoothly to date with a number of shifts completed.

The versatile and easy demobilisation and re-deployment capacity of the Ironman Hybrid Barrier resulted in a significant cost reduction and increased efficiencies from a construction program perspective. Ironman Hybrid has been the perfect temporary barrier for this 40km/h to 60km/h project site.


Temporary Crash Barriers For Hire

MACA Infrastructure - Buninyong

A complex project involving significant road improvements to the Midland Hwy between Meredith and Buninyong was recently awarded to MACA Infrastructure. The works comprised of the installation of safety barrier in high-risk areas, the addition of an overtaking lane in each direction, the installation of audio tactile rumble strips to alert drivers if their vehicle becomes off-course, significant widening of pavement, sealing of the shoulders of the road, improvements to the intersection of Midland Highway and Clarendon-Lal Lal Road by constructing turning lanes, traffic islands and adding extra signage, and, making minor improvements to other intersections.

Road Safety Rental were proud to be working alongside the principal contractor to provide all the temporary barrier protection for MACA, their teams and subcontractors while these important works are carried out.

For more information on this project, please visit here.


Steel Barrier For Sale

Bitu-Mill Infrastructure - Midland Hwy, Shepparton

As significant works continue on the Midland Hwy as part of the SSRIP program, the Road Safety Rental team have had a substantial deployment along the Midland Hwy since the second half of 2020. The works have consisted of several long sections of works and significant barrier shifts between stages. In scorching temperatures over 30 degrees and some enormous challenges on site, the record for the most amount of Ironman Hybrid Barrier deployed in a single shift, by a single crew was broken…

The Road Safety Rental team demobilised a whopping 1158m and re-installed an astonishing 1308m of barrier. This was an enormous feat and the Bitu-Mill Construction team may never forget this milestone and achievement.

For more information on this project, please visit here.


Metal Barrier

Bitu-Mill Infrastructure - Yarrawonga

Road Safety Rental worked closely with Bitu-Mill to supply suitable temporary safety barriers during the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Woods Road and Murray Valley Highway in Yarrawonga. The Ironman Hybrid Barriers have proven the ideal choice for this project, due to economical freight, simple deployment and flexibility to negate the alignment required.

At the completion of the works, the new roadway and roundabout will ease congestion and allow increased flow in and around one the busiest areas of the Moira Shire. Another happy Road Safety Rental customer, who commented of the experience with our team as being flexible, positive and solution driven.


Best Crash Cushions For Rent

Fowlers Asphalting - Phillip Island Rd/Back Beach Road

Recently the Road Safety Rental team deployed a 600m run of Ironman Hybrid with QuadGuard CZ end treatments on Phillip Island Road / Back Beach Road.

CN#9963 was awarded to Fowlers Asphalting and the works include significant road widening and the construction of a roundabout to increase traffic flow and road safety at a very busy intersection on the Island.

Fowlers Asphalting needed to ensure maximum safety and chose Ironman Hybrid due to this temporary crash barrier being ASBAP approved to 80km/h, along with anchored end treatments for increased safety for the roadworks crew. The crash barriers were installed in a single shift, allowing the contractor to immediately commence works the following day.


Hire Tl3 Crash Barrier

Negri – Canterbury Road (Heathmont)

Road Safety Rental have recently deployed a 200m Ironman Hybrid temporary barrier system on Canterbury Rd to ensure the safety of the Negri team as they work on the construction of a new turning lane. The additional 200m turning lane will significantly ease traffic congestion in the Heathmont area, especially in the morning peak hour.

We are glad to have been able to do our bit once again and provide a safe worksite for the entire construction team from Negri on this project.


Metal Barrier Australia

Negri – Forsyth Road, Williams Landing

This project sees a connector road in the western suburbs undergoing a significant duplication, and the choice of barrier was a considered one.  Negri needed the right blend of flexibility within the barrier system, so needed a freestanding barrier system and also something with low deflection and performance to ensure contractors and staff are safe working behind the barriers during the 6-8 months project. 

The project has been delivered predominantly in two extensive stages, with the project new at full mobilisation and approx. 1250m of Ironman Hybrid Barriers.  The choice was made easy by the turn-key solutions provided by the Road Safety Rental team and sees Negri with another safe and effective temporary barrier system on their worksites.


Temporary Crash Cushion

Rokon – Craigieburn Road East, Wollert

The works that Rokon are undertaking along Craigieburn Road, incorporates a new signalised intersection turning lanes from feeder roads and preparatory works with duplications and separation between east and west bound lanes.  The Ironman Hybrid offered the right combination of flexibility, ability to take corners and curves and allowed the contractor additional onsite capacity to temporarily remove and relocate as needed. 

The barriers will be out on site for some time and will continue to provide superior workzone protection for the duration of the works.


Temporary Traffic Barriers

Frankston City Council - Christmas Festival of Lights

The organising committee of the Christmas Festival of Lights, which is one of Melbourne’s largest and most iconic street festivals, needed to ensure the protection the crowds enjoying the event, held on Saturday the 30th of November. The event offers a magical night of fun, entertainment and festivity. There are many free activities, such as live theatre, rides, food trucks and visits with Santa. The night wraps up with an impressive fireworks display. It attracts upwards of 50,000 people, and is the largest free Christmas event in Victoria.

As the event required several major road closures, Road Safety Rental were engaged by contractor, Frankston City Council, to provide a crash barrier solution to ensure an errant vehicle would not enter the pedestrian area.

The Ironman Hybrid Barrier was chosen due to being freestanding and cost effective to deploy, whilst still offering event organisers peace of mind, being ASBAP approved up to 80km/h.


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